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Feb - 24
Chinese movie 2018

Chinese New Year Movies Released. Enjoy!

  Chinese New Year holiday just past, those days were huge days for Chinese box office. As Mandarin students, it is especially interesting and beneficial to keep up-to-date on newly released Chinese language movies! Gaining an insight into Chinese culture…

Jan - 26
Chinese job small talk

How to Make Small Talk in Chinese?

  As you continue studying and improving your Chinese, it is extremely likely that you will find yourself in conversations with both native and nonnative speakers of Mandarin!  Perhaps the most important conversational skill to master in Chinese is small…

Jan - 03

Useful Hotel languages in China

Checking into and getting around a hotel in China is typically quite straightforward. In most large cities like Shanghai or Beijing, staff will speak English. However, as you venture off the beaten path and start to explore some more traditional…

Dec - 08

Things to remember at a Chinese table!

As with any culture, eating and dining experiences are an important part of cultural etiquette and even tradition.This is no exception in China. Foreigners who visit China for the first time,or even foreigners who have lived in China for quite…